How To… ?


This image shows the Google “auto completion” results when typing the phrase “how to”. The idea of auto completion is that the computer will complete the phrase you are most likely searching for based on what other people are searching for. In a round-about way, it tells you a little bit about what other people are thinking… or at least what Google thinks they are thinking! 🙂

Some results, like writing a resume or cooking a turkey, I’d expect given the economy and the season. But others, such as knitting, surprised me. I always find it fascinating to see what the world is pondering.

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One Response to “How To… ?”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Well… From what I saw playing with this the other night. It seems like most people are preoccupied with every aspect of pregnancy or finding things related to getting a job. It was rather alarming to say the least.