AC3D Plugin: Displacement Mapper

This plugin adds displacement map support to AC3D. Displacement mapping is a technique that deforms the current geometry, displacing the vertices in accordance with elevation values stored in a texture map. This technique is useful for “painting on” details onto a very high resolution mesh.

Displacement maps can be painted with 2D art tools such as Corel, Photoshop or Gimp; or, they can be exported from 3D sculpting programs such as ZBrush or Mudbox. The AC3D displacement map plugin supports 8-bit grayscale and 16-bit red-green (POV-Ray format) displacement maps.

If you are new to displacement mapping, this tutorial explains the process in more detail.

Download the plugin. (Requires Windows XP, AC3D 6.2 or above.)

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3 Responses to “AC3D Plugin: Displacement Mapper”

  1. twain Says:


    The Displacement Mapper is a very nice feature for ac3d
    I could help me allot … because it is not possible to grow objects in ac3d … just scale …
    but with irregular forms is this not an option …
    For example creating an inside of a bottle (give it thickness) …
    Or create an object for the label on the bottle witch is slightly bigger
    the problem is that I work on a mac … and the plugin is just for windows …
    Is it possible to make a plugin for the mac version ?
    It should really help me


  2. Lisa Says:

    I’d love to, but sadly I don’t have a mac to compile it on. 🙁 (Or much mac experience, either.) You can ask Andy at Inivis though. I sent him the sources a while ago, and he might be able to compile it.

  3. Gimp Video Tutorials Says:

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