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YouTube XL

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

YouTube just released a new “game-console optimized” version, YouTube XL.

Somehow I was out-of-the-loop on that one, so the release caught me by surprise. I like to watch videos on the Wii sometimes. I don’t use the Wii for web surfing regularly, but now and again the comfort of flopping down on the couch instead of sitting in a desk chair at the computer more than makes up for the small screen resolution of the television. Today when I went to YouTube, however, I was greeted by an all new interface. Designed specifically for consoles such as the Wii and PS3, YouTube XL is a smaller, sleeker interface targeted specifically at television viewing.

I must say, I found YouTube XL a big improvement for game console-based video browsing. It seems many of the early reviews are mixed; many reviewers seem to be complaining about some of the missing features such as comments. Honestly as someone who actually uses YouTube on a game console on a semi-regular basis I think the new UI is far more practical. Certainly there are some missing features, such as comments, but I can’t really imagine tapping out a comment with a joystick anyway. Frankly I even avoid the search box when I can. (Thank goodness for auto-complete the rest of the time.) The far improved use of screen real estate plus larger, easier to target buttons made for a much more pleasant viewing experience. The new YouTube XL isn’t a replacement for PC-based video surfing, but it’s a nice alternative when a comfortable seat on the couch beckons. I vote thumbs up.

Finger Tracking with Wii Remote

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Johnny Lee shares a simple but clever approach for implementing finger tracking with the Wii remote:

[youtube: 350 292]

Okami on Wii

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Rumors have been brewing for a while, but Capcom has now confirmed that the beautiful Okami will be coming to the Wii. The news was announced in London with an expected release date of early 2008.

I’m currently playing Okami myself, and it’s one of the more unique titles I’ve played in a long time. While the basic storyline and world design are very Zelda-esque, the Celestial Brush Techniques set Okami apart. By drawing on the screen, you can manipulate the world around you causing trees to bloom, the wind to blow and fire to appear. The graphics are done in an ink-and-wash style, as if the story were told in ancient Japanese scrolls. It’s breathtaking to look at, and a lot of fun to play.

The brush techniques seem a natural match for the Wii’s motion sensitive controller. I’m eager to see it when it is released.

Okami Confirmed for Wii